Image Basics for Bloggers

My all-in-one scanner/printer scanned this picture at 1.2 MG. I brought it down to around 50 K for this post.

How does one find, much less decide what images to post on a blog? How does one determine if it is OK to use an image found somewhere on the web? Here’s my overview of images, choosing them, adjusting them, and incorporating them into your blog post.

Photos and Drawings

Personal photos are the easiest and most enjoyable images to use on a blog — yours, those taken by members of your family, and the amazing historical family photographs that we accumulate as we get older (and that almost always interest our children).

With a print or old family photo, the easiest thing is to scan it as a jpg file. The best resolution for a blog is 72 dots per inch (dpi). Some scanners allow a user to chose the resolution and others do not. Some might use the words “prepare or export for web.”

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