Marti spends lots of time in gardens!

I am currently an educational technology specialist at Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC, where I have taught for about 30 years. My work focuses on technology in the k-12 environment, along with all the digital world issues that challenge teachers, students, and parents. I am teaching/delivering this online blogging class, Start a Family Blog, via a blogging platform. Over the course of each school year I usually teach four-six technology education classes to parents, but this is my first online endeavor.

My daily teaching activities center on four areas:

  • Helping teachers grow stronger by using technology resources in their classrooms
  • Helping students learn to use technology tools appropriately and begin navigating the road to becoming stronger digital citizens
  • Helping teachers and students evaluate and understand media and comprehend how media affect their world
  • Helping parents understand the fast-paced virtual and media-driven world — that is always changing — and use effective parenting skills and strategies to help their children grow into strong digital citizens

With this Start a Family Blog course my goal is to help parents, who were born into a non-digital or slightly digital worlds, understand more about the world of their digitally native children.

Currently I maintain three blogs. GDSTechTips is my blog that focuses on technology support at my school. Media! Tech! Parenting! aims to post helpful information and resources for parents of digital natives, identifying websites, articles, books, studies and more. AsOurParentsAge focuses on critical topics and information for adult children with aging parents.


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