Adding Links to Your Post, Lesson #9

Several people have e-mailed me with questions about making links in posts. They’ve requested a set of simple but clear steps. So here we go. To learn more go to this Word Press Links Tutorial.

Four Steps to Link Making

Step #1

A link name is much better if it has descriptive words rather than an address. Thus Visit GDS is a better name Visit GDS

Step #2

The trick is to insert the address and make the descriptive words light up in the traditional blue link color (or if you get really advanced in other colors).

Step #3

Highlight the words that you want in the link. Go up to the editing bars. Look for the icons that appear as chains — one complete and one broken.

Step #4

Highlight the text that you want to become a link. Click on the icon of the complete chain (right side). A box opens. Fill in the address you want for the link.  You do not need to fill in the title unless you want the link to say something else other than the highlighted text.  I always click the open link in a new window box.  It makes a blog operate more smoothly — visitors can look at your links without leaving your site.  Click on the Add Link button.

Step #5

To break a link, highlight the link in your post and go up the icon with the broken chain. Click to break the link.

Step #6

You can also make an image into a link.  Read this tutorial to learn how.


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