When Will We Begin Making Our Blogs?

This afternoon I received a question from a course participant asking when we will begin setting up our family blogs.

The plan is for you to spend this first week learning about blogs in general. I am providing explanations and background links to help you understand more and gather information, though some of you this may already be familiar with this content. The background information on blogging will be helpful when you develop your personal site. Although some of the links explain how to start a blog, hold off starting your own for a few more days.

Beginning next Thursday or Friday, we will begin constructing personal blogs. I will upload a series of posts to help you get started working with WordPress.

Also, please be aware that there is some lead time between the time you post a comment and the time you see it on the course blog. I have the blog set to hold comments for my approval for two reasons. First, I want to avoid spam, which begins  arriving on a blog almost as soon as it starts up.  Second, sometimes I answer a comment personally, sometimes I answer it in the comment section, and sometimes I answer as a regular blog post, so I want to look over a comment before it posts to the blog.

Please be patient if your comment takes a bit of time to show up.

Finally, if you are a bit shy about commenting, it’s just fine to e-mail me your comment directly.

Stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. Marti,

    I have two ideas for a blog – one is around family reunion we are having on my Dad’s side. I was thinking we could have people put pictures and anecdotes and comment on them.

    The other is for our personal family that would be aimed at grandparerents and other relatives.

    I will read links you have but I am hoping I can put picutres up for comment.



    • Hi Manny,

      These are great blog ideas. It sounds like you may be maintaining two blogs. For the family reunion blog, once you get started, you might want to scope around the family and see if there is one other person you can ask and rely on to help maintain the blog.

      I think you are asking if you can upload pictures on your blog for people to see and comment on. The answer is YES! Notice I’ve added images to the some of my posts for this class. Pictures and images are added in the same way.

      After starting our blogs late this week and making a first post, the next lessons will be about uploading pictures and images. To help get your pictures and ready for this, open your pictures and reduce them so they ready for the web, which is 72 dots per inch (dpi). You can do this in any photo editing program — iPhoto, PhotoShop Elements, Picassa, or any other program that edits.

      Also notice that in one of the posts I added a YouTube video. You will be able to upload pictures as well as your own videos.

      Thanks for the comment and stay tuned.


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