Start a Family Blog Class Expectations: Lesson #2


I ask everyone to plan to participate in three ways:

  1. Subscribe to the class blog after I post the instructions. Once you subscribe you will receive an e-mail each time I post a lesson (I expect to post somewhere between 10-12 lessons, though I have already created eight.)
  2. Comment at least a few times (maybe at least five times?) on the class blog. Your comments can be in the form of ideas, discoveries, requests for more info, or just requests for help. One of my posts will introduce a question and answer center where you can post your inquiries. Remember, if you post a question, the chances are that other people need the answer to that question.
  3. Share your blog address when you begin constructing your site so other course participants can visit.

For each short unit I will upload a short written piece, called a post, with the content of the lesson.  Each post, at the bottom, has a place where comments can be left (you’ve seen comment sections before, I am sure).


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