Welcome to the Online Class! Lesson #1

Welcome to the first GDS online technology class for parents.

In this Start a Family Blog course we will begin by learning some basic facts about blogs, move on and learn about the blog for this class, and then — finally — each of you will begin to create and develop your own blogging site. We will spend the month of June working together. This course site will be up and available all summer long for consultation.  At this time we have 28 participants.

For the class, as well as for your blogging assignments, we will be using WordPress.com to create blogs and add free features. WordPress has some excellent options as a part of the free package, but an advantage of this site is that additional features, upgrades, and a privacy upgrade are available for small fees. The WordPress community also has excellent technical support and a more protected environment, though the blog is still easily available to your readers.

To help you understand more about how blogs are structured, I will add explanations, features, and new bells and whistles to the class site as we go along — the class lessons.

I  will e-mail a short unit with suggestions for an assignment (homework!?!) every few days.

The goal is for you to have 20 – 30 minutes of follow-up activity — unless you get hooked (as I was two years ago at about this time of year).  If you to get absorbed by the blogging process, you will spend a good deal more time, but the payoff will be the amazing communication opportunities that your blog presents to you and your family (or your hobby or your work, if you are going in those directions).

… Not to mention the fun you have writing…


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